Al Jazeera America To Shut Down In April 2016

Al Jazeera America To Shut Down In April 2016 Al Jazeera media network, today announced from its headquarters in Doha for work on the expansion of existing digital services to enhance its presence in the United States, and the launch of new digital platforms keep pace with the rapid development in the interests of gawkers news via digital media and smart phone devices and tablet computers.

Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America

This allows the new digital expansion to the recipient access to news content and program excellence provided by the island where they wanted, when they wanted.

The new project enhances the status of the island and the successes achieved by the current digital network platforms, such as platforms AJ +, which attracted a record time in more than two billion Show pictures of the clips provided on the Internet since its launch in September / September 2014.

The network’s commitment and its quest to keep pace with the rapid development of the digital media industry in the area is consistent with its mission of delivering news and information to the recipient, and provide the opportunity to participate and interact with something to offer whatever and wherever it exists.
And expand the scope of existing digital services, it will include the United States, and the network will be enhanced ability to innovate and compete in the digital media world, and will be able to produce content revolving around the clock.

The network intends in the coming months to provide more details on the upcoming projects, multiple digital platforms and services that intend to launch in the United States.
America’s island
For his part, Al Anstey announced executive director of the island of America today that the channel will stop broadcasting on April 30 / April 2016. While managed America’s island of building viewers faithful around the US base, and is now regarded as increasingly a new voice important in American television media, the the economic situation in the US media market push the network to take the strategic decision to arrest operations and termination of services. The United States is committed to ending the island this process in a manner consistent and respect for colleagues.

Grand prizes
He added Anstey “appreciate the high professional excellence and the level provided by the American island, and won appreciation and pay tribute in all forums, where the channel won the grand prize in the television field, digital media in America, including the Peabody Awards, and an Emmy Award, Alfred de Bonn from Columbia University.”
Said Anstey “I have worked with colleagues talented experienced and highly skilled every media organization hopes to work in. And since its inception in 2013 received the channel praise and recognition of the distinction something to offer to the viewer, and won prestigious awards in America, he notes and effort peer who our team in two years and a half, we had identified the journalist who for other content, and should be a cause for pride for all of us. “

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Al Jazeera America To Shut Down In April 2016
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