Study: Mountains Polar Ice Plays A Role In Slowing Global Warming

OSLO – Scientists said that huge icebergs crashing off Antarctica helped unexpectedly in slowing global warming or what is known as global warming with melting in the Southern Ocean.

Mountains Polar Ice

Mountains Polar Ice

And the mountains of the massive ice rare equivalent area of ​​a full US state area and that in the coming decades the number may increase with climate release substances such as iron and other nutritious substances serve as fertilizer for algae and other minute organisms living in the ocean change.

These objects as they grow and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to serve as an ally for man in the efforts to combat climate change, which bear the responsibility for emissions resulting from human activities which are known as greenhouse change. Dow Jones Focus Group

The study said that ocean rebound with icebergs crash off Antarctica and it absorbs between 10 and 40 million tons of carbon annually, which is roughly equivalent to emissions caused by human activities during the year in countries such as Sweden and New Zealand.

Until recently, scientists believe that the enrichment of the ocean caused by the fall of icebergs and turn it into huge chunks of ice floating length of over 18 kilometers nautical his impact is limited and local.

Said Professor Grant Beige from Sheffield University who wrote the study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, told Reuters “very surprised when we realized that the impact may extend to 1000 kilometers.”

The scientists studied the satellite imagery for up to 17 mountain glaciers huge off Antarctica from 2003 to 2013 and found that algae can make water tend to green for a distance of hundreds of kilometers around the iceberg with the wind and sea currents deployment of fertilizers and nutrients.

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Study: Mountains Polar Ice Plays A Role In Slowing Global Warming
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