Study: Stress Prevents Body To Lose Weight

A new US study has found that stress is difficult to process excess weight loss because it helps stimulate specific protein hinders the body’s ability to break up fat.



He said the study authors from the University of Florida that many of us suffer from stress on a daily basis because of the circumstances, which cause several problems, including obstruction of human ability to weight loss.
The researchers explained, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” the British, that chronic stress stimulates the production of protein reduces the body’s ability to break up the fat-called “Betatrophin”, was previously thought that it would be an effective treatment for diabetes by increasing the number of insulin-producing beta cells When it infected, but it turned out later that it does not have any effect in this regard.
The researchers went on to study ahead with the search Betatrophin properties, and was conducting experiments on cells extracted from mice and humans to determine its role in regulating body fat.
The researchers found that mice suffering from tension in the surrounding environment increased protein production has, making it clear that Albettatrovin is linked to rates of stress protein.
The researchers noted that their studies revealed that Betatrophin impede the enzyme that helps to break up the accumulated body fat.

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Study: Stress Prevents Body To Lose Weight
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